Elm Seed Bug Removal in Grand Junction

Elm Seed Bug Removal Services

Elm seed bugs first appeared on the Western Slope in 2017. When the temperatures begin to warm up, the adults mate and lay their eggs on developing elm seeds. The elm seed bug activity continues through the warm months and into the fall.

How do you get rid of elm seed bugs? Many people claim there is not much that can be done, but we have done extensive research and product testing and have come up with a very effective elm seed bug removal treatment program. For optimum protection, season-long control is highly recommended. Our staff can help you select the program that is right for you. Contact us today to receive your specialized elm seed bug removal service!

elm seed bug removal

Signs of Elm Seed Bugs in Grand Junction

Elm seed bugs can easily be mistaken for similar pests like the stink bugs, but differ in appearance. Some of the most identifiable features of elm seed bugs are:

  • Dark red and black color
  • About 1/3″ long
  • An upside-down black triangle on the back

Elm seed bugs typically find food and shelter in elm trees but begin to pose a problem when they move out of the trees into homes and buildings. The most common signs of an elm seed infestation include:

  • Swarming – They usually invade structures in large numbers making removal more difficult.
  • Bad Smell – Elm seed bugs are known to emit a strong odor that smells similar to bitter almonds. Stepping on them or killing them will make the smell worse.

Seeing or smelling elm seed bugs are the most telling signs of an elm seed bug infestation. If you live near elm trees, have cracks around your windows and doors, or notice a problem with elm seed bugs, call us today for effective elm seed bug removal!

End Your Elm Seed Bug Problems Today!


How The Process Works:

    • After talking with our staff and selecting the program that is right for you, we will schedule your property for an elm seed bug removal service. 
    • You don’t need to be home at the time of the elm seed bug removal service – we will notify you that we’ve been there.
    • Once we arrive, our licensed technicians will apply a child safe and pet safe product to the house. We focus on the affected areas and the areas most likely to attract the elm seed bugs.
    • After the elm seed bug removal product is dry (15-30 minutes), it is completely safe and ready to eliminate pests.
    • For optimum protection, a recurring elm seed bug removal service is highly recommended. If on a recurring elm seed bug removal service, we will notify you before your next treatment.
    • If you’re going to have your windows cleaned, please schedule us at least one day before the cleaners!

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