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Did you know that prairie dogs have a large impact on grasslands and their ecosystems across the western U.S.? Not only do their colonies coincide with rabbits, snakes, and various larger mammals, but their burrows create shelter from predators and even attract birds and insects. However, these tunneling systems and prairie dog populations can quickly multiply, thus endangering local species by spreading disease and harming resources needed for ranching and development. Colonies can negatively affect both rural and metropolitan areas, as well as both commercial and private residences.

Prairie dogs and other burrowing rodents can be very destructive, persistent, and difficult to get rid of. How do you get rid of prairie dogs? By directly targeting rodents in the burrow system, we eliminate the risk of exposure to non-target animals. Our prairie dog removal process ensures there are no secondary toxicity concerns for scavengers or predators. Whether you are dealing with a large well-established colony, or you have a single prairie dog that you need to be removed, Chrome Mosquito & Pest Control can take care of it. Let us help you eliminate your pesky rodent problem today!

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