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If you live in Grand Junction or surrounding areas, you might have seen or even had oriental roaches in your home. These nasty bugs can grow up to 2 inches in length, and, like typical roaches, they multiply quickly if left untreated. They are commonly found outside under brush, shrubbery, or other coop, damp places around buildings. They prefer to be outside, but when populations increase, they start to make their way inside. End your cockroach problems today and call Chrome Pest Control for a cockroach removal service!

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How The Cockroach Removal Process Works:

    • After talking with our staff and selecting the right roach removal program for your property, we will schedule a roach removal service. 
    • You do not need to be home during the roach removal service. We will notify you that we have serviced your property.
    • Once on-site, our licensed technicians will apply a child-safe and pet-safe roach removal product to the house.
    • After the product is dry (15-30 minutes), it is completely safe and ready to work.

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Water Bugs Vs. Cockroaches

Water bugs are commonly mistaken for cockroaches. They both have appearances that resemble one another. However, they are very different in all other aspects.


Cockroaches have very long antennas, while water bugs do not. If you see a cockroach in your home, it is possible you won’t even see its head because it is located below the thorax.

Water bugs are brown or gray and are usually about 2 inches long. Cockroaches are red or brown and usually an inch long, but they can be bigger.

Most cockroaches and water bugs can fly. However, Oriental Cockroaches cannot fly. Females do not have wings, and males have very small ones that can be undetectable to a non-expert.


One of the most common reasons cockroaches are mistaken for water bugs is they are commonly found in basements or other damp places. While they prefer damp areas, they do not live in water like water bugs. Cockroaches prefer to be on land, outside under brush, shrubbery, or cool, damp places around buildings. They are commonly the insect found in homes.

Water bugs prefer to be in the water and spend most of their time in ponds, lakes, or rivers.


The temperament of water bugs is very different from cockroaches. Cockroaches are timid and will run away from humans that try to approach them. Water bugs are not shy. It is not entirely common, but if water bugs feel threatened, they will bite.

Chrome Mosquito & Pest Control will help determine whether the bugs you see in your home are cockroaches or water bugs. Once we determine, we will treat your property with a specialized water bug or cockroach removal solution.

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