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From mice to pack rats, one of our specialties is long-term rodent control. Depending on your needs and unique situations, we have many tools at our disposal including baiting programs, trapping, and most importantly rodent exclusion. It is always our goal to find all possible access points and do our best to ensure that mice or rats can no longer gain access to your property!
We have various baiting programs designed to prevent and help get rid of rodents around your house or business. We use tamper-resistant bait stations that are safe to use around kids and pets.

rodent control

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How The Process Works:

    • After talking with our staff and selecting the program that is right for you, we will schedule your property for service. 
    • You don`t need to be home at the time of service, and we will notify you that we`ve been there.
    • Once on site, our licensed technicians will inspect the property for possible entry points and we will discuss with you options to seal the entry points.
    • We will also identify high traffic areas and install bait stations where needed.
    • For optimum protection, recurring service is highly recommended. If on a recurring service, we will notify you before your next treatment.

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